09. Aug 2010 - 11:00Einar Ragnar Jónsson

Iceland: 90,000 attend Gay Pride Parade - more colorful and diverse than ever

Tens of thousands of people came together in downtown Reykjavík last weekend to celebrate the 12th annual Gay Pride Parade. Jón Gnarr Kristinsson, the mayor of Reykjavík, was at the front of the parade that went down Laugavegur: the twist is that he was dressed in drag in celebration of the ‘Different Days’ (Hinsegin Dagarnir, in Icelandic), which was held by Reykjavík Gay Pride.

The mayor had opened the festival two nights before – in the same housewife attire consisting of a colorful floral dress, blonde wig, a small yellow handbag, pink cashmere sweater, and stark rose-red lipstick – at Háskólabío Cinema to the surprise of its attendees.

Never one to miss the opportunity for a little comedy, the mayor said, “As you have obviously noticed, the mayor did not show up,” as the crowd could barely hold in its laughter. “The mayor had to do something else,” scoffed the femme impersonator: “He is busy apparently: What could the mayor be so busy doing?”

Before formally opening the parade, the mayor lamented, “This is what we get for electing a clown for mayor,” and thanked the crowd by waving to them in manner of Queen Elizabeth as the audience bellowed with laughter, thus clapping for the mayor’s empowering one-man act.

At the end of the parade was Páll Óskar Hjálmtýsson, famous Icelandic musician and DJ, praising through his music the joy of ‘being as one is,’ in a red, soaring chimney tower of a makeshift train.

The huge mass of people – gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, friends, family members, and numerous supportive residents – attended and rejoiced for ever-increasing LQBT tolerance and equal rights. The parade had a multitude of floats from dancers, singers, and DJs, to a float supporting the recent legalization of gay marriage by dressing appropriately for the parish, family members and friends of LQBT individuals holding a sign saying “We support our gay friends: Do you?” and several affiliate LGBT grassroots organizational campaigners walking down the packed street.

Below are a few select pictures of yet another grand festival, alongside a fast-forwarded video of the parade.

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20.Mar 2012 - 18:50

Spaugileg grein í The Economist: Kanadamenn uppnumdir yfir miklum áhuga Íslendinga á Looineinum

Kanadamenn eru uppnumdir í hvert sinn sem útlendingar fjalla um gjaldmiðil þeirra á jákvæðan hátt. Svo hefst grein í hinu virta tímariti The Economist þar sem fjallað er um umræður á Íslandi að taka upp „loonie“, eins og kanadíski dollarinn kallast,  sem nýjan gjaldmiðil landsins.

06.Sep 2010 - 19:58 Einar Ragnar Jónsson

NASA scientists notice the similarities of the planet Mars and Iceland - PICTURES

NASA scientists have just recently brought to light the similar geographical terrains of Mars and Iceland. NASA has released phenomenal photographs that have been taken from outer space using the HiRISE photographic device.

22.Aug 2010 - 07:00 Einar Ragnar Jónsson

Iceland: Will Iceland become the world's new center for electric cars? Only time will tell

Based on the assessment of a specialist writing for the New York Times, Iceland is a superb center for electric car development given its emphasis on renewable energies, and technological capacities. His article has been published in numerous foreign news media.

19.Aug 2010 - 14:46 Vignir Már Lýðsson

Kaupthing's director of Board agrees to come to Iceland - Serious Fraud Office investigating - VIDEO

Sigurður Einarsson, former director of Board of Kaupthing Bank, arrived yesterday for hearings at Special Prosecutor's office which began this morning.
14.Aug 2010 - 08:00 Einar Ragnar Jónsson

Iceland: Bishop’s daughter: ‘Sexual assaulter once came to power – It can’t happen again’

Ólafur Skúlason, previous bishop

Guðrún Ebba Ólafsdóttir – daughter of Ólafur Skúlason, previous bishop – wants that every preventative measure be taken to ensure that no sexual offender is able to reach the highest position of any church ever again. Guðrún has invited the Church council - the highest executive authority of the Church in Iceland - to a meeting, after her request for a hearing.

13.Aug 2010 - 12:03 Einar Ragnar Jónsson

Iceland: summer isn’t over just yet - Possibly hottest day of the year this weekend: over 20°C!

Einar Sveinbjörnsson

A meteorologist says that the summer is not even close to being over, and the hottest day of the year may be right at our doorstep. The heat this weekend could exceed 20 degrees.

13.Aug 2010 - 10:46 Einar Ragnar Jónsson

Iceland: Scientists get lucky: Paul Allen’s submarine used for research near Surtsey

Octopus, Paul Allen’s yacht, and Surtsey Island

Icelandic scientists, currently undergoing research about Surtsey’s aquatic deeps, have received permission to use the technology of Paul Allen on the Octopus, the world’s 8th largest luxury yacht; this includes two submarines, enabling them to research the oceanic environment.

12.Aug 2010 - 15:31 Einar Ragnar Jónsson

Iceland: National football team plays dreadfully – fresh blood needed to revitalize team

 The Icelandic national football team’s performance yesterday against Lichtenstein was far from being satisfactory, say previous teammates. One of the previous members went as far as to say that the entire team should be replaced with younger players.
12.Aug 2010 - 11:39 Einar Ragnar Jónsson

Iceland: Icelandic bank collapse leads to layoffs in Britain

Over a hundred municipalities are currently pursuing legal suits at courts to be recompensed for the money invested in Iceland banks before the collapse. The city of Plymouth is currently in economic despair, with the government needing to reduce public spending by about 10 million pounds. 
11.Aug 2010 - 17:00 Einar Ragnar Jónsson

Iceland: British Airways – First Lady doesn’t get any special treatment from us

British Airways has lost the luggage of Dorrit Moussaieff, Iceland’s First Lady, three times. She has criticized the airline for providing bad service. British Airways says that Queen Elizabeth II would receive the same treatment if she were to lose her luggage.

11.Aug 2010 - 06:00 Einar Ragnar Jónsson

Iceland: First Lady angry at British Airways: lost luggage 3 times - revenge for volcano?

In three different flights with British Airways, Dorrit Moussaieff, the First Lady of Iceland, did not receive her luggage, and has consequently said that the airline’s service is appalling.

10.Aug 2010 - 23:00 Einar Ragnar Jónsson

Iceland: Advert - “Are you cheating? Book flight and hotel at Dohop and cheat in peace"

The travel company Dohop has recently posted a controversial advertisement with the text “Are you cheating? Book flight and hotel at Dohop.com and cheat in peace.”

10.Aug 2010 - 10:45 Einar Ragnar Jónsson

Iceland: Supermodel Ásdís Rán’s Bulgarian Playboy Pictures too hot for Facebook?

Ásdís Rán / Playboy

The world’s most popular men’s publication, Playboy Magazine, decided not only to photograph Ice Queen Ásdís Rán – Icelandic supermodel, Reality TV Host, and ‘Hottest Icelandic Woman’ – for the Bulgarian edition of Playboy, but to expand the shoot to 14 page short series. Ásdís then posted the pictures on her Facebook page, only to have them be deleted: Apparently, Ásdís Rán is too hot for Facebook.

09.Aug 2010 - 15:00 Einar Ragnar Jónsson

Not Alþingi’s problem that foreigners can’t read banking report – let them translate it!


Alþingi’s parliamentary Report of the Special Investigation Commission (SIC), having reviewed the causes of the now-notorious banking collapse in Iceland, remains untranslated – much to the dismay of foreign stakeholders. Helgi Bernódusson, the director of the parliamentary office, has received several complaints from said stakeholders, and asks why they don’t simply translate it themselves – it’s not Alþingi’s problem that foreigners do not understand Icelandic.

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